Today, tips on how we’ve earned $1,000 over the last two months from selling things on eBay. Plus, we surveyed readers who make more than $1,000/month using eBay (including one who earned $50,000 over the last year), and we spoke to a senior executive at eBay to get insider tips.
Below, you’ll find:
*.Specific tactics on how to make a significant amount of money on eBay (with screenshots)
*.Tips from readers who make 4-5 figures from eBay every month: Why the same items can sell for dramatically different prices — and how to make sure your sale price tops the charts
*.Case study: We sell something on eBay
*.Expert interview (audio download below) with the dean of eBay University: Which items should you sell?
Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a few projects with my friend Susan. (You’ll be seeing those projects soon.)
One day, I mentioned that I was going to be selling a few things on eBay and she looked at me skeptically. We’re both fans of Big Wins, so I understand the skepticism — can you really make a lot of money selling on eBay?
But it also surprised me how reluctant she was to try it, since she’s a master of earning more money (she negotiated thousands of dollars for a new job and routinely receives freelance offers).
We decided to spend some time creating a useful guide to show how you can earn significant amounts of money using eBay. I’ve earned over $1,000 in the last 2 months by selling stuff there.
Rather than just writing generic advice, Susan went to the source: a senior executive at eBay. We also asked I Will Teach You To Be Rich readers who’ve earned over $1,000 on eBay to share their specific tactics for selling at higher prices.
Here’s an excerpt of what she learned.
* * *
eBay: too much work, too little gain
True or false?
You’ve heard Ramit talk about the CEO model. Saving more money isn’t just about cutting spending, and your income ISN’T always fixed.
You probably already know that you can sell stuff on eBay, but, like me, you probably also haven’t gotten around to doing it. What’s the point of learning and getting involved in a whole new system if all you’ll get out of it is $15 for a pair of your Sevens jeans?
I was thinking the same thing you’re thinking:
Too much work, too little gain
Then recently, I ended up having a phone conversation with Jim Griffith, the dean of eBay University. Griff teaches thousands of people how to use eBay as a platform to build their businesses, was personally hired by Pierre Omidyar (one of the eBay co-founders) as one of their earliest community / customer focused employees (15 years ago), and has been an expert seller since eBay got started.
After Griff shared a few really good tricks and tips with me, I started to feel bad about being sucha hypocrite about eBay.
“Your income’s not fixed, earn more don’t just save”… I’d say these things to my friends all the time, but I never lifted a single finger towards it.
So, I decided I’d list something to see exactly how much work and how little gain it would be.
We ask the experts
Before setting up my listing, Ramit and I asked a few IWillTeach readers who’ve made upwards of $1,000 on eBay to share their secrets.


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