1. Mobile
The above report also highlighted one area of substantial concern – mobile.
Only 21% of respondents said they have integrated mobile into their email program. That means they’ve given little thought to how their emails display on mobile and what interactions their users are having with them.

Mobile email users are headed toward 4x growth over the next 2 years. While, currently, more emails are opened by webmail and desktop, that will change soon, and mobile will lead the pack.
If that data doesn’t scare you, maybe this will…
BlueHornetfound that 69.7% of consumersimmediately delete emailsthat don’t render well on a mobile device.
This doesn’t apply to email only. Google’s Mobile Ads Blogshares a study that found 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing from their phone, and 40% will go to a competitor’s.”
Litmushas a nice case study on how Lasoomade the transition from their old site to a mobile-friendly one. Take a look at the before and after below and think about which you’d prefer to read.
We’ve just completed a total redesign for mobile at FreshGigs.ca and are now moving on to do this at my other business because I see it as so important.
Takeaway:If your email and landing pages don’t display well on mobile, you’re losing money.
2. Lists and Segmentation
A MailChimp studyfound that by segmenting email lists, the following increases occurred:
I’m not sure why the unsubscribe rate would go up in this case. But the general idea is that you can “select” groups of subscribers based on similarities they have and send them more targeted and relevant messages.
There are several ways to segment your list. You can do it by:
*.Merge field
*.Signup date
*.Purchase history
*.Behavioral data
This all depends on what data you’ve been collecting and what your email service provides you with.
Takeaway:Test segmenting your list and customizing your message to be more relevant to each segment.


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