4. Personality
Email is one of the most personal mediums we have. What other medium allows you to reach people almost anywhere they are (even places where they shouldn’t take their phones) at any time of the day?
Few people will read your emails if they find them boring. Yet many marketers write their emails like 1990’s corporate brochures.
“Sadly, for most people, their email inbox is a constant reminder of the many mundane and mind-numbingly boring tasks they have to deal with, such as paying bills, taxes, and other such responsibilities.
“If you, in that very same space, can bring something exciting and interesting to their lives, then your emails will always be opened and will be keenly read.
“Let the engaging, charismatic, and intriguing person that you are shine through in your emails. Do this, and you’ll notice your “open” rates will literally skyrocket!”

5. Subject Lines
Out of all the elements in email marketing that are tested, the subject line is the most popular.
Why is this? Probably because it’s so easy to test. Many of us are lazy or just “too busy,” so testing a subject line is like grabbing for low-hanging fruit.
And that’s okay, as a starting point anyway, because it works. The results can be profound.
Most email service providers will have an A/B subject line option that allows you to send emails with one of two different subject lines to a percentage of your list. Then emails with the other subject line are sent out to the remaining people on your list.
MarketingExperimentsfound that it was able to increase its click-through rate by 125.9% by testing its subject line. Not only that, but they drove twice as many people to their registration page.
The winning subject line was: “Do your landing pages pass this test?”
And the losing subject line was “A scientific way to increase your conversions.”
There are all kinds of studies that point to whether a shorter or longer subject line is better and whether or not to capitalize, add symbols, use numbers, and so on. The reality is what worked for others won’t necessarily work for you.
Run your own tests and generate your own results. Then you can decide how to move forward. FulcrumTechsuggests that you look at what’s trending in Google and use its Keyword Tool to ensure you’re using the most relevant wording in your subject lines.
Takeaway:Testing your subject line is easy. Plan out several variations for upcoming emails and analyze the results. You’ll learn a lot in this process.Be sure to only test a statistically significant percentage of your emails first to see which subject line is the winner. Then use the winning subject line for the remaining emails.


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